Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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28 May 2017
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14 August 2015
14 August marked the tragic day on which Turkey launched its second brutal invasion of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974.
03 August 2015
On 16 July, Lobby for Cyprus held its annual seminar at Cyprus Week, which takes place at Theatro Technis in London every year.
20 July 2015
On 20 July 2014 Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus and 41 years on, it continues to occupy the northern area of the Republic of Cyprus.
07 May 2015
On 7 May voters go to the polls to elect their Members of Parliament in the most closely contested UK general election in a lifetime.
20 July 2014
On 20 July and 14 August 1974 Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus.
27 February 2014
Lobby for Cyprus recognises that the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014 by President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot representative Dervis Eroglu is a gesture aimed at restarting negotiations, that (as the declaration states) “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”, that it does not constitute a final settlement and that it has no binding legal effect.
06 June 2013
Lobby for Cyprus is the voice of Greek Cypriot refugees based in the UK. Lobby for Cyprus is an independent and non-party-political organisation, made up of individuals and refugee associations, that united to campaign for a genuinely free Cyprus.
04 April 2013
With every generation it seems there is a new crisis in Cyprus. In the 1950s it was the struggle for independence from colonial rule. In the 1960s there were clashes on the island. In the 1970s there was the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation.
19 November 2012
Anthony Anaxagorou is a poet and writer of Cypriot descent living in north London. His mother is from Nicosia and his father from Famagusta. At our Night for Cyprus on 10 December 2012 Anthony performed his poem 'Two syllables, Six letters' which he wrote especially for the event.
11 September 2012
At a recent meeting at the UK Parliament a series of prominent speakers historically associated with the search to find a settlement in Cyprus, expressed disappointment that no solution had been found to-date on the basis of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, despite the best efforts of the international community
20 July 2012
We will never give up the struggle to return to our stolen homes and lands.
18 June 2012
Lobby for Cyprus is the voice of Greek Cypriot refugees based in the UK…
04 June 2012
The fate of the town of Famagusta in Cyprus, which is currently under Turkish military occupation, calls to our mind Aesop’s story of ‘the dog in the manger’ which, having had no use for the hay in the manger, out of spite, denied it to the horses and cattle.
11 October 2011
Constant impunity breeds arrogance, and what the world is seeing in the bellicosity of Turkey towards the Republic of Cyprus is the arrogance resulting from a history of impunity and appeasement
06 October 2011
There is a well-known maxim that history is written by the victors and on the basis that Turkey succeeded in its military objectives during the invasion of Cyprus in 1974, it is hardly surprising that it has attempted in the years since to rewrite history.
02 August 2011
Turkey’s ethnic cleansing of occupied Cyprus in 1974 resulted in thousands of Greek Cypriots fleeing to safety in the government controlled areas of the island.
04 July 2011
Cyprus has been subject to centuries of domination by colonial and imperial authoritarian regimes. Since 2004 the Republic of Cyprus has been a member of the EU bringing with it hopes that a solution in keeping with the principles and values of the EU can be found.
20 February 2011
• US Congress calls on Turkey to halt looting of occupied Cyprus • After 36 years Turkey continues to violate human rights of Cypriots • Do not sacrifice Cyprus for accord with Turkey • US politician warns Turkish ambassador
15 December 2010
Questions and answers on the class action the prominent US attorney Athan Tsimpedes is pursuing in the US courts on behalf of Cypriots, against Turkey's illegal regime in the occupied territories of Cyprus for the return of their homes and for significant damages.
01 December 2010
• American lawyer takes ‘TRNC’ to court • EU rebukes Turkey on Cyprus, freedom of speech, religion and borders • Appeal to UNESCO to save heritage of occupied north • Jack Straw criticised
26 October 2010
Lobby appeals to UNESCO: Lobby for Cyprus was part of a delegation that recently appealed to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) to take immediate and effective steps to call upon Turkey finally to fulfil its international obligations for the protection of cultural and historical heritage in the occupied areas of Cyprus.
02 October 2010
We are all too familiar with the spurious claims of the Turkish government regarding the invasion of Cyprus in 1974, in order to justify its brutal policy of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.
07 September 2010
Turkey’s anger over the recent Israeli action to prevent Turkish flagged ships from breaking the Gaza blockade smacks of hypocrisy. Largely unnoticed was the fact that some of the flotilla sailing to Gaza departed from the port of Famagusta, a town in the occupied north of Cyprus that has been held hostage by Turkey since August 1974.
16 February 2010
There is irony in the fact that while Istanbul basks in the limelight as Europe’s City of Culture for 2010, Turkey, an aspiring EU member, continues to vandalise and destroy Europe’s cultural and Christian heritage in Cyprus.
22 January 2010
Apostolides v Orams English Court of Appeal upholds Greek Cypriot property rights against Illegal trespassers in occupied area of Cyprus.
28 October 2009
Any critique of UK foreign policy towards a country or geopolitical region must of course take account of the UK’s perceived national interests. In this regard the UK’s foreign policy towards the Republic of Cyprus – a country with over 37 per cent of its territory illegally occupied by Turkish forces since 1974 – makes a valid case study for analysis.
27 July 2009
On the 35th anniversary of Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus a fog of collective insomnia, stirred up by Turkey’s paid acolytes in the media, public relations and academia, slowly sweeps across the international landscape.
27 July 2009
After five years of struggle, Greek Cypriot refugee Mr Apostolides has been vindicated by the European Court of Justice. In the process, he has given hope to all the refugees and property owners that their property rights are legally protected.
27 July 2009
Since 1974 Greek Cypriots placed their trust and expectations in the world’s powerful diplomats and politicians to end the military occupation of their country and to restore justice and human rights.
27 July 2009
Once again Turkey is using Turkish Cypriots as a strategic minority, much like Germany in the 1930s used Sudetenland Germans to advance its own national interests. This time the issue is oil and gas exploration.
21 July 2009
Greek Cypriots who have visited their homes and lands in the occupied north are shocked and outraged at the wanton systematic destruction of the heritage of the uprooted Greek Cypriot inhabitants.
01 July 2009
The election of Cyprus President Christofias has given a new impetus to attempts to reunify the island, but on what basis?
28 July 2008
Lobby for Cyprus and refugees from Ayios Amvrosios recently brought about the closure of a property exhibition where stolen properties of Greek Cypriots were being promoted for sale.
19 July 2008
19 July 2008
01 July 2008
Following a genocide debate at the House of Commons in July 2008, the following Lobby for Cyprus article was published in Turkish newspaper Toplum Postasti.
28 June 2008
Lobby for Cyprus has campaigned for a solution in accordance with international law since its inception and we have seen nothing since to force us to rethink our core principles for the reunification of Cyprus and the 3Rs.
28 June 2008
Each discovery of mass graves in occupied Cyprus exposes the raw grief of the families of the missing persons. Following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 more than 1,600 Greek Cypriots were listed as ‘missing’.
28 June 2008
The Demades v Turkey case at the European Court of Human Rights is the third successful case dealing with compensations from Turkey in matters of property rights.
28 June 2008
In November 2007 a protocol was signed between Britain and Turkey, following a visit to London by Turkish PM Erdogan. The protocol maintains a century old tradition of great power Middle Eastern diplomacy, namely making concessions to Turkey at the expense of Hellenic interests.
22 May 2008
A Lobby for Cyprus delegation attended PSEKA, the annual Cyprus, Hellenic and Orthodox issues conference, in Washington DC. The following speech was made at the Russell Senate Office building of the US Senate on 22 May 2008.
18 March 2008
01 November 2007
Britain has recently entered into a “strategic partnership” with Turkey, which turns a blind eye to Turkey’s continuing human rights violations and illegal occupation in Cyprus. Whilst successive British governments have historically appeased Turkey’s illegal occupation of Cyprus this new partnership goes a step further by rewarding its continuing human rights breaches. Whilst this is clearly unethical and illegal, it is also against Britain’s interests.
15 July 2007
20 July and 14 August mark commemorations of the brutal Turkish invasions of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974...
15 July 2007
In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus, illegally dividing the country and committing war crimes and mass human rights abuses. Hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriots were ethnically cleansed by the Turkish army. Turkey continues to violate international law and United Nations resolutions that demand the withdrawal of the Turkish army and the right to return for Greek Cypriot refugees...
23 June 2007
Not content with having occupied the northern part of Cyprus, Turkey is now engaging in the systematic concreting over of stolen Greek Cypriot land and selling it to foreigners. This is the final act to complete the 1974 ethnic cleansing of Greek Cypriots and to consolidate Turkey’s illegal occupation.
23 June 2007
When asked to pinpoint when he became politicised Nelson Mandela said that he had “no epiphany, no singular revelation, no moment of truth, but a steady accumulation of a thousand slights, a thousand indignities and a thousand unremembered moments which produced in me an anger, a rebelliousness, a desire to fight the system that imprisoned my people.
23 June 2007
The myth of Turkish Cypriot isolation continues to confuse those with an interest in Cypriot politics. In an attempt to upgrade the status of the illegal regime in occupied Cyprus, millions of pounds in public relations are being wasted on trying to prove a negative – the alleged isolation of the Turkish Cypriots.
23 June 2007
The fallacies that Turkey is a genuine democracy and that the occupied area of Cyprus has the ability to take decisions independently of Turkey’s strategic interests have been well illustrated recently.
23 June 2007
The once bustling Demokratias Street in Ammochostos, Famagusta, now derelict after decades of Turkish occupation.
23 June 2007
At a recent conference in Washington, US Undersecretary at the State Department, Nicholas Burns, stated that the US wanted to be part of an effort to renew the talks aimed at getting the stalled talks on Cyprus back on track.
23 June 2007
Since its inception Lobby for Cyprus has placed at the core of its policies the inalienable right to return of the refugees to their homes and lands.
01 May 2007
Famagusta refugees send appeal to EU for return of their city

“Now that the Famagusta refugees have spoken, demanding that their city be returned to them, it is time for the European Union to act"…

Lobby joins Cyprus president in refuting Turkish Cypriot claims

“Lobby for Cyprus supports the charge by Cypriot president Tassos Papadopoulos that the claims by Turkish Cypriots that the residents of the illegally occupied north are living in ‘economic isolation’ or embargoes are spurious and politically motivated”…

31 March 2007
Lobby was set up in the UK in the early 1990s by Greek Cypriot refugee associations based in the UK and is and has always been entirely non-party-political. It has become the voice of the Greek Cypriots in the UK. Lobby campaigns for the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of the 3Rs.
01 March 2007
Turkey threatens Cyprus over oil exploration

Turkey's outbursts and threats regarding the right of the Republic of Cyprus to explore for oil in conjunction with Lebanon and Egypt, in the undersea areas surrounding the island, are both unfounded and potentially dangerous.

Turkey and demographics changes – ‘ours is all right, his is not

Once again, Ankara displays its arrogance that there is one rule for Turkey and one rule for everyone else. Recently, Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul charged that the Kurds are changing the demographics in the north of Iraq, yet he conveniently ignored the fact that Turkey has changed the demographics in the illegally occupied north of Cyprus.

Turkey creates an enemy, is ‘angered’ when he is murdered

Although there are many reasons why Turkey is unsuitable for membership of the European Union, it took the murder of the Turkish-Armenian editor, on the street in front of his newspaper's office, to highlight one of the most serious.

Solution to Cyprus division simple

There is a simple solution to the "Cyprus problem": implementation of the Three Rs – Removal of the Turkish army, Repatriation of the Anatolian colonists, Return of all refugees to their homes and properties, without restrictions, preconditions and discrimination.

01 December 2006
On 8 November 2006 the European Commission reported on Turkey’s progress in preparing for EU membership following the opening of accession negotiations in October 2005. This makes dismal reading – in relation to each of the main criteria – political, economic, its capacity to assume the obligations of membership and EU-Turkey relations – Turkey has failed to deliver. The following points are worthy of note.
30 October 2006
Little more than one year has passed since the EU Council of Ministers decided in October 2005 to open negotiations with Turkey concerning its long time aspiration to join the EU. Yet today Turkey’s accession seems further away than ever with metaphors concerning ‘train crashes’ and ‘climate change’ seemingly peppering every mention of the subject. What has gone so disastrously wrong to cause this?
30 October 2006
In addition to Turkey’s continuing refusal to honour its legally binding commitments for EU accession regarding Cyprus, there are further reasons why it is not suitable to become a member of the EU. Critical cornerstones of the EUs democratic values continue to be violated in Turkey, as listed below:
18 June 2006
There has apparently been a boom in property development in the occupied area of Cyprus since the Greek Cypriot rejection of the Annan plan.
18 June 2006
The recent announcement that the continental shelf off the south coast of Cyprus contains oil and gas reserves has focussed international attention again on the huge benefits that Cypriot membership of the EU offers to European companies and investors.
18 June 2006
It is said that politics is all about perception not substance. At the moment, many in the west perceive the Turkish Cypriots to be subject to an international embargo. Many also feel that Greek Cypriots do not want a settlement or if they do, will not want to reclaim their lands and ancestral homes.
18 June 2006
The appalling destruction of churches, monasteries and Christian cemeteries by the Turks is well known, by Greek Cypriots at least. Less well known however, but equally outrageous, is the deliberate destruction of Cyprus’s archaeological heritage by the invaders and occupiers.
18 June 2006
Documents declassified under the thirty year rule and seen by Lobby confirm that from the beginning of 1974 Turkey made to the British government its demands for a geographical federation in Cyprus. Turkey even began to refer to a bi-zonal federation as its ultimate goal.
18 June 2006
Amongst the main lies peddled by those seeking the division of Cyprus is the myth of Turkish Cypriot isolation. The argument goes that they should be “rewarded” for their courage in supporting a settlement, the Annan Plan, which legitimised their theft of Greek Cypriot property, whilst Greek Cypriots should be ‘punished’ for rejecting this settlement.
18 June 2006
Many in the UK were perplexed at why Greek Cypriots rejected the Annan Plan so decisively. The reasoning is that whilst admittedly over 100,000 Greek Cypriot refugees would be unable to return to their homes they would at least be compensated for this loss or even given equivalent property owned by Turkish Cypriots.
18 June 2006
Greek Cypriots who have visited their homes and lands in the occupied north have been shocked and outraged at the attempted eradication of Greek heritage by the Turkish occupiers. These scenes of desecration and vandalism were photographed in Akanthou in 2003.
16 July 2005
Why are we demonstrating? In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus, illegally dividing the island and committing war crimes and mass human rights abuses. Hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriots were ethnically cleansed by the Turkish army. We are protesting because ...
16 July 2005
20 July and 14 August mark commemorations of the brutal Turkish invasions of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974. In Cyprus, the Turkish army committed war crimes of: MASS MURDER 6,000 Greek Cypriots were massacred, many of them tortured to death. MASS RAPE 1,000 women aged 12 to 78 were raped...
29 June 2005
If you have a property in the occupied area that has been exploited by illegal trespassers, in particular EU citizens, Lobby for Cyprus will be pleased to advise and assist you in relation to preparing legal proceedings against them... please put together the evidence required and prepare for action: • A title-deed – a clear title, which is in your name and not one that belongs to your parents, uncles or relatives.
29 April 2005
British released documents for 1974 The 1974 British Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence documents released on the 1 January... expose beyond any doubt the partitionist British policy followed before, during and most importantly right after the Turkish invasion, a policy that inevitably led with mathematical accuracy to the Annan plan today... they eagerly promised to help Ecevit proceed with the invasion when they agreed to prevent Greece from rushing troops in aid of Cyprus.
10 September 2004
92 percent of the legitimate title-deed holders of the north continue to be the Greek Cypriot refugees who were forcibly removed in 1974...
20 April 2004
On 1 April 2004, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly that Turkey is unfit to join the EU, citing a long list of concerns, including torture, lack of democracy, imprisonment of political opponents, the influence of the army, persecution of minorities... Despite this assessment by the EU, it is envisaged that Turkey should be a guarantor power...
23 March 2004
11 March 2004
... NO to the human rights that are enjoyed by the rest of the European Union’s citizens...
04 March 2004
At this crucial time in our history Lobby for Cyprus has considered the viability of the Annan Plan. We have some serious reservations...
01 February 2004
16 January 2004
"Turkey’s confiscation of property belonging to the Greek Cypriots following the 1974 invasion amounts to a denial of their rights under Article 1 of Protocol 1 of the European Convention...
30 July 2003
It has recently been reported that the European Union, which hitherto has been firm on not making exceptional arrangements regarding harmonisation of candidate countries...
18 December 2002
18 December 2002
18 December 2002
18 December 2002
15 November 2002
30 July 2002
It has been stated by various sources that Turkey’s intransigence on the Cyprus issue is an obstacle to Turkey gaining entry to the European Union...
08 July 2002
On 20 July 1974 Turkey brutally invaded Cyprus, murdered 6,000 Greek Cypriot civilians (1% of total population), ethnically cleansed 200,000 Greek Cypriots (30% of total population), occupied 37% of the island and created a puppet apartheid regime that forbids anyone of Greek name or origin to enter...
08 July 2002
On 20 July 1974 Turkey brutally invaded Cyprus, murdered 6,000 Greek Cypriot civilians (1% of total population), ethnically cleansed 200,000 Greek Cypriots (30% of total population), occupied 37% of the island and created a puppet apartheid regime that forbids anyone of Greek name or origin to enter...
24 April 2002
More than 90% of land in the part of Cyprus illegally occupied by Turkey is owned by Greek Cypriots...
24 April 2002
The legitimacy of the Greek Cypriot refugees to realise their title-deeds and reclaim what is rightfully theirs is, as we know, upheld by international law. Further, it is a right underpinned by the landmark decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the Titina Loizidou v Turkey case of 1996...
24 April 2002
As priority talks on the Cyprus issue proceed, Lobby for Cyprus wishes respectfully to draw your attention to some key matters that should be on the agenda: illegal immigration and the rights of the refugees...
31 January 2002
According to the December 1999 decision of the Helsinki Summit, Turkey is to be considered as a candidate member of the EU. However, conditions and criteria have been attached, most important of which (concerning Cyprus)...
07 December 2001
Now the dust has settled after the September 11 attacks, we may well ask what has changed since then, concerning Cyprus...
03 December 2000
We, the Ayios Amvrosites – inhabitants of the Kyrenia district, Lobby for Cyprus and the supporters of our protest, call upon the Government of the Republic of Cyprus not to be drawn into any comprehensive settlement that: denies the refugees...
03 December 2000
We declare our resolve to demonstrate for the restoration our human and legal rights as enshrined in EU and wider international law. We show our determination to reclaim, rebuild and return (should we so wish) to our lands and properties...
26 June 2000
Lobby for Cyprus, the voice of the Greek Cypriot refugees, has always stood alone in campaigning against any purported solution to the Cyprus issue which involves compulsory property exchanges or compensation based schemes...
28 January 2000
Denktash fears the accession of Cyprus to the EU because it will mean the termination of Turkey's 'rights' over Cyprus...
31 December 1999
A state that is signatory to two international conventions against torture and yet has the stigma of using systematic torture and violating the human rights of its own people, especially those accused of 'political crimes'...
24 December 1999
In this season of goodwill we long for the freedom to pray in the holy places of our occupied lands...
20 July 1999
20 July and 14 August mark the black anniversary of the brutal Turkish invasions of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974. In Cyprus, the Turkish army committed war crimes of: mass murder...
06 May 1999
The political work that Lobby performs at so many different levels – organising seminars; producing quarterly bulletins, newsletters and policy statements directed at the key policy makers in the world; staging demonstrations; meeting key political and government figures – is vital if we are to have any input on the Cyprus issue...
03 March 1999
The friends of Turkey bemoan its exclusion from the exclusive European club. The treatment accorded to Turkey during the Luxembourg Summit for EU candidate countries (where out of 12 candidate countries, Turkey was not invited)...
05 September 1998
20 July and 14 August marked the grim anniversary of the two Turkish invasions of Cyprus in 1974. 24 years on, Turkey occupies one third of the Republic of Cyprus in violation of over 90 United Nations and Security Council resolutions...
31 August 1998
Lobby statement as published in The Cyprus Weekly, 23 August 1998. The significance of this case is not so much in its financial impact but in the political repercussions. The idea of offering Greek Cypriot refugees exchange of properties or compensation in order to surrender ownership of their land...
28 August 1998
The Sunday Times reported on 31 May 1998 that the MoD and Foreign Office are preparing contingency plans for a massive evacuation of the island of Cyprus this summer "because of mounting fears over war in Cyprus"...
08 May 1998
Ismail Cem, Turkey's Foreign Minister recently complained that the European Union had offered Turkey only a "third class ticket" on the train of accession to the European Union. Others would say that Turkey was extremely fortunate to have even been considered for membership given its appalling tradition of human rights abuses...
03 February 1998
In 1974 Turkey illegally invaded the Republic of Cyprus: 200,000 Greek Cypriots were ethnically cleansed from their ancestral homes; 6,000 Greek Cypriots including civilians were murdered or tortured to death...
20 January 1998
The people of Cyprus congratulate the European Union for having the courage to take a decisive stand against consistent intimidation and blackmail by Turkey...
20 January 1998
According to Rauf Denktash, leader of Ankara's puppet apartheid regime in occupied Cyprus, intercommunal talks have come to an end as a result of the European Union's recent invitation to Cyprus for accession talks...
15 January 1998
A country desperate for membership of the European Union. A country that is signatory to two international conventions against torture, and yet has an unenviable reputation for systematic torture and human rights violations. Amnesty international has reported widely on the country's deteriorating human rights record, on the 'disappearances' and extrajudicial executions...
15 January 1998
Appeasing agressors never works. It did not work with Nazi Germany, or more recently Saddam's Iraq. So why should it now work with Demirel's Turkey?...
15 January 1998
British Customs and Excise have seized more than one ton of Turkish heroin entering the United Kingdom, within a three month period in the summer of 1997 (£100 million street value)...
15 January 1998
Do not help Turkey profit from its crimes against humanity; show your solidarity with the people of Cyprus – do not use their stolen homes and properties...
15 January 1998
The United Nations Commission in a meeting in Geneva on 28 August 1997, adopted two resolutions confirming the right of refugees that have been forced to leave their homes, to return to them...
01 January 1998
In this season of goodwill we long for the freedom to pray in the holy places of our occupied lands...
28 August 1997
Undoubtedly, we are all here this week, because we share the same desire and undiminished determination, to see an end to the illegal occupation and division of our country...
15 July 1997
The British General election is over and after 18 years of Tory rule, a Labour Government has been sworn into office...
15 August 1996
Tassos and Solomos, you gave your lives for a country without borders, for the right to return to your parental homes and for the removal from Cyprus of the flag of oppression, of murder and brutality, the flag of division and occupation...
we honour those who paid the ultimate price, fighting for freedom in Cyprus against Atilla...