Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Press Releases

26 February 2008
MEPs support Famagusta’s right to return campaign following Brussels meeting, Lobby for Cyprus Reports

London – “Following a meeting of members of the European Parliament, in Brussels, organized by the Famagusta Municipality, many of the MEPs expressed their support of the lawful inhabitants of the Turkish occupied town of Famagusta to return to their hometown, Lobby for Cyprus reports.

Speaking on behalf of Lobby, Theo Theodorou explained that Famagusta has been fenced off since the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus, in 1974, and that the city’s lawful inhabitants have been denied access to their homes and properties, contrary to the provisions of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 550.

Following the meeting, Famagusta Mayor Alexis Galanos said that “the return of the town of Famagusta constitutes a European responsibility” adding that “Famagusta, a European town, is occupied by Turkish troops”.

The report of the MEPs was supported by a statement from Spanish MEP and member of the EP Petitions Committee, Willy Meyer Pleite, who visited Cyprus last November as part of an EP delegation, and said that he himself experienced the denial of the Turkish army to the lawful inhabitants to enter their home town.

“I experienced myself the denial of the Turkish army to enter Famagusta when together with other members of the EP delegation we tried to enter the fenced off city but the Turkish occupation army did not allow us to enter,” the Spanish MEP said. Pleite expressed his support for the struggle of the lawful inhabitants of Famagusta and pledged he would work for their return.

Led by Mayor Galanos, the Famagusta delegation also held a series of meetings with other MEPs including members of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Petitions Committee, and the Joint Parliamentary EU-Turkey Committee.

The Mayor also participated in the meeting of the ‘Union for Europe of the Nations’ Group which was attended by over 200 people, mostly MEPs. In informing his audience about the efforts of the people of Famagusta to return to their hometown, he stressed that the Turkish army was violating the human rights of the lawful inhabitants of Famagusta.
The recent meeting in Brussels, Theodorou said, followed Famagusta’s campaign which began last April, when some 26,000 signatures were obtained for a declaration expressing the determination of the people of Famagusta to struggle for their return to their town.
Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political organisation that seeks to reunify the island through the removal of the 43,000 man Turkish Army, the repatriation of the 160,000 Anatolian colonists imported into the north to change its demographics, and the return of all refugees to their homes.