Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Summer 2008 Issue 21

28 June 2008
Issue 21 quotations

“The demographic Turkification of the north will soon be complete. Towns and villages such as Kyrenia and Lapithos which stood empty and ghostly until April are now filled with settlers, some Turkish Cypriot, some mainland Turks. The return of the original inhabitants is ruled out, and the Turkish authorities now say quite openly that the remaining 5,800 Greek Cypriots in the north will be reduced by half this Christmas.”
The Economist, 4 September 1976

“This [Cyprus] is an EU member-state a large part of which is under long-standing occupation by a foreign army. Behind tanks and artillery, a population of settlers has been planted that is relatively more numerous than the settlers on the West Bank. 

“With occupation came ethnic cleansing… a third of the Greek community – were expelled from their homes, driven across the Attila Line to the south.”
Perry Anderson, The Divisions of Cyprus, London Review of Books, 
24 April 2008 

“In [Turkish Cypriot leader] Mr Talat’s case he answers not just to his voters, but also to Turkey’s politicians and generals.”
The Economist, 24 April 2008

“In the span of three decades under Turkish control, more than 530 churches and monasteries have been pillaged, vandalized, or destroyed in the northern area… 

“St Mamas Church in… Morphou is the only notable church that is known to be semi-active in Turkey-controlled Cyprus… Turkish officials who rule the area… give permission twice a year for remaining residents – who were there before Turkish occupation – to worship in the church.”
The Christian Post, The last church standing in north Cyprus – How the Christian history was erased, 28 April 2008