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Media Watch 2003

10 May 2003
Source: Cyprus Mail
Comment: The following article appeared in the Cyprus Mail of Nicosia on 10 May 2003 written by a staff reporter.
Turkish Cypriot woman returns buried jewellery to refugee

A GREEK Cypriot woman recovered her buried jewellery after 29 years this week, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the Turkish Cypriot woman who currently occupies her home.

In 1974, Ellada Kyriacou buried her jewellery in her back yard for safekeeping, and fled. Now after 29 long years, she returned to her occupied village of Kalopsida to retrieve them.

On Wednesday afternoon, when the Greek Cypriot refugee visited her home, she did not really believe she would find her family heirlooms, but decided she had nothing to lose in asking. So she asked the Turkish Cypriot woman now living in her home, Zerin Doam, whether she had found her jewellery at any point during the years, and was most surprised to hear that she had.

Doam told Kyriacou that 10 years ago her children had found the jewellery while playing in the garden. The Turkish Cypriot woman decided to keep it, with the intention of returning them to their rightful owner some day.

Kyriacou said she was extremely moved to be able to hold in her hands the same jewellery she wore on her engagement day. The heirlooms included her wedding rings, crosses and bracelets belonging both to her and her children and Archbishop Makarios gold pound coins.

Doam, who had kept the jewellery in good condition all these years, told Phileleftheros: “Today a great weight lifted was from me and I feel better for this action.”"