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Media Watch 2003

15 May 2003
Source: Politis
Comment: The following article appeared Politis of Nicosia on 15 May 2003.
EU to Turkey: Accept Cyprus’ accession


The EU Foreign Affairs Committee request Turkey to fully compromise with the candidate country’s regime and withdraw its troops from northern Cyprus, so that the resumption of peace negotiations and the island’s reunification could be forwarded.

Moreover, the Committee expressed disappointment about the fruitless talks in The Hague and called the Turkish Cypriot leader and Turkish authorities to make a brave move towards fair and operational settling Cyprus issue on the basis of UN Secretary General proposal. Yesterday, the Committee approved the European MP Arie Ooslander’ report and resolution about Turkey’s application for accession. According to the specific report, the settlement of the Cyprus issue is the main provision in Turkish nomination for accession. The Committee meeting took place in Strasburg, along with the Body’s plenary session, which was attended by six Cypriot MPs for the first time. The fact that MPs were concerned about Turkey’s accession was proved by 283 amendments that have been submitted. Twenty seven of those were compromising amendments. The resolution, which would be discussed and approved next June, is regarded by the Greek MPs as fair and gratifying. The three provisions determined by the report and the resolution for Turkey’s accession to the EU: to settle the Cyprus issue, reduce the importance of military authorities and adopt a Western, European government model."