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Media Watch 2003

15 May 2003
Source: Cyprus News Agency
Comment: The following a report of the Cyprus News Agency of 15 May 2003.
Spokesman: Court decisions must be executed

Nicosia, May 15 (CNA) -- The government considers ''absurd and illegal'' a suggestion by the Turkish Cypriot regime to set up ''courts'' in occupied Cyprus to handle property claims by Greek Cypriots.

Government Spokesman Kypros Chrisostomides suggested that such ideas should be rejected by the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights as legally invalid.

In connection with property claims, the spokesman called on Council member states to urge Turkey to comply with a Court decision in the case of Titina Loizidou, which said that she must have free access to her property in occupied Cyprus and be paid compensation for the loss of use of that property.

''Paragraph 102 of the judgement in the fourth Interstate Application of Cyprus versus Turkey refers to the possibility of having applications by Greek Cypriots accepted by 'courts' in occupied Cyprus in order to exhaust all domestic remedies before applying to the European Court in Strasbourg,'' the spokesman said.

He said distinguished lawyers consider this paragraph ''totally inexcusable'' adding that this issue will be clarified in future cases before the Court.

Chrisostomides said Foreign Minister George Iacovou will take up the matter of the Turkish Cypriot suggestion to set up a ''court'' with his interlocutors today in Strasbourg.

Replying to questions about the Loizidou case, he said ''compliance with Court judgments is an absolute necessity for all member states of the Council of Europe. The Council and the members have an obligation to exert pressure on Turkey to execute the decision in the Loizidou case.''

Replying to questions, he said that Turkey's European accession course could face problems if Ankara continues to refuse to execute the Court ruling."