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Media Watch 2003

23 May 2003
Source: Cyprus Mail
Comment: The following article appeared Politis of Nicosia on 23 May 2003.
Denktash is left exposed

The EU measures have driven Denktash into a corner and for the first time the recent climate seems to be different. Rauf Denktash moved to reject the measures in support of the Turkish-Cypriots that will be announced by the EU in his statements in the occupied areas and described them as “a game towards recognition” by the Turkish-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce of the official government of Cyprus. The Turkish-Cypriot leader said that after the talks he had with the EU ambassador he has realized that “we shall have to use the Greek-Cypriot ports and, if necessary, we shall need health certificates obtained by the Greek-Cypriot government.” He noted that this is not the gateway to trade, adding that his “government” does not accept such initiative. He also suggested that the EU “should not take actions which would oblige us to recognize the Greek-Cypriot authorities.” According to our information, Rauf Denktash demanded from the EU ambassador that the sanitary control certificates be issued by experts from Brussels and not by the Turkish-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

He is left exposed
Even the Turkish-Cypriot businessmen who met with the Greek Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou yesterday, gave up on Denktash. Referring to Denktash, the president of the Turkish-Cypriot Businessmen Association Ozdil Nami was opposed to “such behaviors” and pointed out that “in case that any politician attempts to ban these measures, we will manifest our reaction.” The Turkish-Cypriot community is indignant at the isolation and we will support any attempt to break it,” added Mr Nami. On his part, the member of the Turkish-Cypriot Chamber and Ali Erel’s brother, Hazip, expressed the belief that Denktash will reject the measures, noting, though, that “what is important is whether the world will reject them or not”.

An agreement in Brussels
The Turkish-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce adopts a positive attitude to the European measures and this was confirmed at the meetings the president of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEBE) Vasilis Rologis and the president of the Turkish-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Ali Erel had with Gunter Verheugen and Leopold Maurer. During the meetings, there was an exchange of views about the best possible way to implement the measures. According to a KEBE announcement, “the role of the KEBE and of the Turkish-Cypriot Chamber will be close and prompt, so that the measures will be properly implemented without deviations and so as to get around any problems that might arise.”"