Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Media Watch 1940-1998

01 December 1940
Source: The Boston Sunday Globe
Comment: The following article appeared in The Boston Sunday Globe on 1 December 1940.
Armies Cannot Slay the Spirit of Greece

The following article appeared in The Boston Sunday Globe on 1 December 1940. The article was written following the start of Mussolini's failed invasion of Greece, at a time when Greece and Britain stood alone against fascism in Europe. This fact is all too often ignored by the Western press and media in the pro-Turkish climate that is prevalent today. A parallel can be drawn with Turkey's current illegal occupation of the northern part of Cyprus. While Turkey has attempted to eradicate 3,000 years of culture in occupied Cyprus, it can never destroy the Greek spirit on the island.
"THE ITALIAN attack on Greece has aroused the old Greek spirit of national pride, freedom and personal courage. This spirit expressed itself in Greek philosophy, literature and arts that have been the basis of European culture. All European nations have gone to school to ancient Greek artists and philosophers. Roman art and Roman literature as well as philosophy started flourishing after the Roman armies had defeated the Greek Empire, rival of ancient Rome. Greek artists and poets were taken to Rome as teachers. Now, 2000 years later the Roman armies are on the march against Greek independence. Modern Italy may defeat the Greek army but the Greek spirit is deathless."