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Media Watch 2005

19 December 2005
Source: Cyprus News Agency
Comment: The following is a report of the Cyprus News Agency of Nicosia of 15 July 2005.
Zackheos - Britain - representations

"Cyprus Foreign Ministry`s Permanent Secretary Sotos Zackheos has expressed to Britain`s Charge d’ Affaires to Nicosia Robert Fenn the discontent of the government of Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot displaced people regarding the decision of British Prime Minister’s spouse Cherie Blair to defend at Court a British couple charged with exploiting Greek Cypriot property in the Turkish occupied areas of the island.

According to an official press release, Zackheos, who met with Fenn, noted that more sensitivity should have been shown as regards the assumption of the case by Mrs Blair, bearing in mind that most people exploiting Greek Cypriot property are British.

He added that Mrs Blair’s action is provocative to the feelings of the Greek Cypriot refugees and the Cypriots living in Britain.

Fenn told Zackheos that Mrs Blair is a lawyer, acting in her professional capacity, and added that the British government has no involvement in the case and therefore no political motives should be attributed.

Zackheos told Fenn that the case leads to “associations as regards the stance of the British government in issues regarding the restoration and protection of human rights in Cyprus, including the property right” and stressed that this action “opposes recent efforts by both governments to restore and improve their bilateral relations”."