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Media Watch 2011

06 July 2011
Source: Cyprus News Agency
Demonstration held outside 'Afrika'
A demonstration was held on Tuesday outside the premises of Turkish Cypriot newspaper 'Afrika', which came under attack on Sunday afternoon, when a person entered the building and demanded to see journalist and publisher of the daily, Sener Levent.

Speaking at the event, Kemal Darbaz, President of Basin-Sen, the Turkish Cypriot union of journalists, said the ''security forces'' did not provide adequate protection to the representatives of the media and failed to avert attacks such as the one against Afrika.

In statements, Levent said the attack was not only against journalists but against the Cyprus issue, adding that after the Turkish invasion, Ankara began to alter the demography of the Turkish occupied areas, by sending settlers from Turkey and giving them the Greek Cypriot properties.

Regarding the attack against Afrika, Levent said the first attack was on February 25 by a suspect from Malatya, Turkey, and that on July 3 the attacker was from Erzurum, which means that those who want him dead cannot find people in Cyprus to do the job and that Cypriots are against such groups and actions.

Levent also assured that the struggle would continue.

Mustafa Yalcin, aged 26, from Turkey, is reported to have rung the bell of Afrika. Journalist and Editor-in-chief Ali Osman Tabak opened the door and Yalcin demanded to see Levent. When Tabak saw the gun he slammed the door, and Yalcin fired a shot, which missed Tabak, and ran away. He was later arrested. 

Yalcin was taken before a ''court'' in the Turkish occupied part of Nicosia on Monday, which issued a remand order.

The Union of Cyprus Journalists has deplored the attack and has expressed solidarity with Levent and Tabak. 

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.