Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: UK Members of Parliament
01 October 2008
The unsettled issue of Cyprus

Dear [Name of Member of Parliament]

As you return to work after your summer break, you are returning to a different Britain and a different world, as a result of the economic threats to the world economy.

However, while you must attend to the possible threats to Britain’s institutions, as top priority, Lobby for Cyprus respectfully asks that you give serious thought to the old and still existing unsettled problem on the island of Cyprus.

It is now more than 34 years that 37 per cent of the island has been illegally occupied by Turkey, after its invasion in 1974. During that period every concession has been made by the Republic of Cyprus, and still Turkey refuses to allow its puppets in the north to seriously try to resolve the problems that remain.

It is time for Britain, as one of the three guarantor powers to take an active role in the talks that are currently under way between the President of the Republic Mr Christofias and the leader of the occupied territories, Mr Talat.

Permit us to say that the solution to the problem of a divided Cyprus (Europe’s only divided country) is really quite simple.

Turkey must remove its 43,000 man army of occupation. Turkey’s army of occupation in Cyprus is larger than the US army in Afghanistan. The enemy in Afghanistan is obvious, but who is the ‘enemy’ in Cyprus that warrants such a large army?

When the Turkish army leaves, it should take with it the 160,000 Anatolian colonists who have been imported into the north to change its demographics, occupy the homes of the Greek Cypriot refugees and to vote according to the instructions of Turkey. The very presence of these colonists is a direct violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and Turkey’s presence is in violation of scores of United Nations and European Union resolutions.

After the Turkish army leaves, and after the colonists are repatriated, the island’s dividing line will no longer exist, and all refugees will be able to return to their homes.

Only a country as strong and as influential as Britain can exert the kind of pressure on Turkey to bring about the simple solution to this long-standing problem. There is no need to remind you that as long as there is no solution, Cyprus will be an obstacle to Turkey’s aspirations to join European Union.

Therefore, while giving full attention to the safeguarding of Britain’s financial security, please do not lose sight of the security of Cyprus.

We thank you for your time and attention, and wish you well in your deliberations and look forward to your support in the efforts to end the Turkish military occupation of the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus