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09 February 2008
Greek Cyprus watches Kosovo’s move


I would like to counter the assertions in the article 'Greek Cyprus watches Kosovo’s move' by Quentin Peel, FT, 6 February 2008. To suggest that the Greek Cypriots voted against the reunification of the island in the referendum of 2004 is very wrong indeed. There is nothing that the Cypriots would like more than reunification. However the Annan plan was not such a plan as has been so misleadingly promoted and published, but a plan that would make permanent the current division of the island and legalise the theft of the properties of the evicted refugees.

Can it really be said that the Annan plan meant reunification when:

• It would deny the right of return to tens of thousands of displaced persons ethnically cleansed from the northern area of Cyprus during the Turkish invasion of 1974.
• It would effectively make permanent the division of the island, preventing freedom of movement of people and capital.
• It would have created a bizarre scheme where the loss of property would be compensated by the victims themselves.
• It would have legalised the presence in the northern area of Cyprus of tens of thousands of foreign settlers and colonists planted there by Turkey.
• It would have negated the principles of democracy by giving 18 percent of the population 50 percent of power.
• It authorised a substantial foreign military presence on the island which could only be reduced substantially (but not totally) in the event of the accession of Turkey to the EU.
• It curtailed the sovereignty of Cyprus in other ways by placing an obligation on Cyprus to endorse the application of Turkey to the EU irrespective of whether it improves its dreadful record on human rights.

It is time for truth to be revealed. The Greeks will stand by their rights until they are achieved and that can only be accomplished by a fair plan for all Cypriots on the island and one that truly gives them their human rights and political and economic freedoms.

The Annan plan was heavily biased against the Greek Cypriots and that is why it was rejected by them and simply because they want a true reunification of their island and not permanent division as would have happened with the Annan plan.