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To: BBC Online
05 April 2008
Historical 'errors'


At one time, the BBC was the benchmark by which all news organisations were measured as to accuracy and lack
of bias.

Not so, any longer, it would appear, if the recent report about the Ledra Street opening in divided Nicosia is any example. And, remarkably, the ‘errors’ reflect the Turkish view of history.

You refer to the massive invasion as Turkey “deploying” troops, though in 1974, the BBC correctly referred to the massive Turkish air and sea invasion of the Republic of Cyprus. Apparently, now, “invasion” has become a “deployment of troops.” More than 120 United Nations Resolutions see the events of 1974 as nothing less than an invasion – an illegal invasion.

By (apparently) seeking not to offend Turkey’s sensibilities, the BBC makes it appear that Turkey’s actions were a humanitarian gesture, and that its continued occupation of 37 percent of the island is unimportant, and the destruction of the occupied north’s Christian heritage as non-existent.

Turkey does a good job of lying about its history; it doesn’t need the help of the BBC.