Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: Dr Inegbedion, Warwick University
11 April 2008
Call to end co-operation with illegal regime

Dear Dr Inegbedion and colleagues

Permit me to react critically to the action of Warwick University in participating in an educational recruitment fair, in occupied Cyprus.

The so-called government of the occupied area is illegal, is a puppet regime of the Republic of Turkey and is not recognised by any country other than Turkey. This fact should have been obvious to you since the address of the venue given is in Turkey. A university such as Warwick should not be seen to be co-operating with an illegal regime that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Greek Cypriots but also one that has stolen the homes, the property, and the land of Greek Cypriots and has created a Greek Cypriot refugee population of 200,000.

By going to the illegal north, you have insulted the many Greek Cypriot students at your university, many of whom no doubt, are the children of the refugees. Since no nation or any body of nations recognises the so-called government of the north – and, indeed, there have been more than 120 United Nations Resolutions demanding that Turkey leave the north – Turkey is seeking recognition of the regime by such ‘back-door’ tactics.

Furthermore the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cyprus is the only body that recognises academic institutions in the Republic which covers the whole of the Island. Have you consulted the Ministry or the Cyprus High Commission here in London?

The academic programmes are not accredited by our Ministry and therefore cannot be looked at for transfer credit.
It is prudent that you take advice from official government sources before considering such events.

Lobby for Cyprus, which is composed of representatives of the towns and villages now occupied by Turkey, would appreciate hearing from you with the justification and the rationale behind your decision.