Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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05 June 2009
Mediterranean Nightmares, ITV1 Tonight programme

Greek and Turkish Cypriots on the whole, are victims of regional power politics and the aims of Turkey to partition Cyprus and install apartheid as a prelude to the eventual capture of the entire island, and Britain’s desire to keep hold of its former “unsinkable battleship” through its bases.


Many of the 162,000 Turkish colonists implanted to alter the demography of the island are also to some extent victims of a government that coerced many to abandon their villages in Anatolia to Turkify Cyprus, an island with a majority Greek heritage going back thousands of years.


But as for those Brits who have sought to capitalise on the misery and suffering of Greek Cypriots who fled following atrocities committed in occupied Cyprus, I have no sympathy. We heard and read their gloating over the years: “These things happen in war”, “Don’t worry, the Turkish army is strong” when they thought they got away with their illegal purchases. Don’t the alarm bells ring if the property one is trying to buy is one third of the market value? Perhaps they should look into what happened to the legitimate owners of the homes and lands they are occupying. Were they bombed out? Raped out? Whatever the wrongs or rights are of the political situation the legitimate owners are the ethnically cleansed Greek Cypriots and the occupation regime can dish out as many illegal title-deeds as it wishes but they are not worth the paper they are written on and this fact is recognised in the European Courts.


Thankfully, in this case, crime doesn’t pay.