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To: the BBC
20 April 2010
Elections in occupied Cyprus
I am writing in response to your news item 'Nationalist wins in north Cyprus' by Tabitha Morgan, BBC News Channel (Sunday 18 April) and currently featured on BBC News Online (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8628863.stm).

Your report fails to clarify that 'north Cyprus' is in fact the area of the Republic of Cyprus that is currently under illegal Turkish occupation. 

Your news item suggests that the majority of voters in the occupied area have opted for a two-state solution yet it seems that the BBC has chosen to recognise the occupied north as a state as your caption describes Dervis Eroglu as 'President, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' which is inaccurate and misleading. 

No such state as the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' exists in Cyprus and Mr Eroglu is the Turkish Cypriot leader or to be more precise leader of Turkey's occupation regime. 

According to international law there is only one president in Cyprus and that is president Demetris Christofias. 

Numerous United Nations & Security Council resolutions such as 541 consider "the purported secession" of the occupied areas as "legally invalid" and calls on all states to respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus which officially encompasses the entire island (though the northern area is currently outside of its control).  

Your report does not mention that the majority of voters in the occupied north are not Turkish Cypriots but illegal colonists from Turkey who have been transferred to alter the demographic composition of the island and to hamper efforts for reunification through their participation in such illegal 'presidential' elections. 

I would like to request that you clarify your report and in particular amend your misleading caption to accurately describe Dervis Eroglu as 'leader' rather than 'president' and to remove or clarify references to the so-called 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'.

I look forward to your response.