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To: Independent
17 October 2006
Turkey and the law

Turkey and the law

Turkey’s application to join the EU would stand far more chance of success if Turkey took notice of the legal decisions and obligations of the various international fora to which she belongs. Only last week two Council of Europe Rapporteurs, Thomas Hammarberg and Ericke Jurgens warned Turkey that she faced expulsion from the Council of Europe for persistent refusal to accept and respect decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. It should be remembered that membership of the Council of Europe is a prerequisite for joining the EU. In addition Turkey continues to advance the most spurious of arguments for not opening up her ports to traffi c from the Republic of Cyprus as she is obliged to do under the clear and unambiguous terms of the Ankara Protocol and the statements of the EU Council of Ministers earlier this year. And let’s not forget the tens of UN resolutions on Cyprus currently conveniently ignored nor the daily violations of the air-space of two EU states, Greece and Cyprus.

If Turkey is so brazen in her utter disregard of European and international law on what grounds do you believe that she would have kept to her word under the terms of the Annan Plan? The majority of Greek Cypriots did not think she could be trusted. It seems they were right.