Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: Letter sent to all MEPs
01 November 2006
Missing persons
November 2006

Dear [MEP]

Accounting for the fate of those missing since its illegal invasion of Cyprus, in 1974, is one of a long list of obligations that Turkey has in its quest for membership in the European Union.

We are referring to the continuing, and disturbing, reports of their fate from America and elsewhere that the missing have ended up as guinea pigs in secret Turkish biochemical experiments between 1984 and 1988.

We ask that the fate of the missing be among the factors that the European Union considers in its deliberations concerning Turkey’s suitability for membership in the EU.

Emanating from the respected Washington-based International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), the report of the experiments appeared in the ‘Defence and Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy,’ which is exclusively circulated to senior government, defence, intelligence and industry officials in more than 170 countries. Sadly, the Pentagon, in Washington, which is one of the subscribers to the ISSA defence bulletin, has made no comments on the report.

Gregory Copley, ISSA’s president, commenting on his group’s report, said the association had a great deal of information relating to Greek Cypriots captured in 1974 and used as guinea pigs, but he admits that he was still gathering more information.

Turkey has consistently refused to account for the missing persons and, according to Copley, “from the moment Turkey captured Greek and Greek Cypriot prisoners in 1974, there was no intention of letting them go, or admit they still had them. So they were free to use them as they wished.”

Despite the fact that six US citizens were among the captured, the US government apparently prefers not to investigate the matter, although the body of one of the missing was returned to his parents, in 2005.

It is, therefore, incumbent on the European Union to speak up for the human rights violations represented by the capture of the individuals, and the obligation of explaining their fate to their families.

It is incredible that Turkey can be considered for membership into the European Union, yet continues to defy the EU’s own rules, fails to abide by its obligations to the EU, and now, persists in failing to account for over one and a half thousand missing Cypriots.

According to the US article, the experiments are – or were – conducted at a secret biochemical laboratory
of the Turkish army outside Ankara and which operated under the supervision of the Gulhane Military
Medical Academy.

Whether or not these reports are true, in total or in part, Turkey owes the world a full explanation. It cannot be permitted to pick and choose which EU rules and regulations it wishes to observe, and it cannot be permitted to ignore the demands for an explanation about the missing Cypriots.

Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political organisation comprised of various Cypriots refugee associations and we ask that you give serious thought to our request.

Yours faithfully
Lobby for Cyprus