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To: Guardian
03 November 2006
‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’ 6

Today’s article ‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’

In Nicholas Watt’s piece (‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’, Guardian 3 November) he incorrectly refers to those territories of Cyprus illegally occupied by Turkey since 1974 as ‘Turkish Cyprus’ and the free areas as ‘Greek Cyprus’. He even goes on to refer to Turkey’s illegal puppet regime as the Turkish Cypriot government’. The Guardian should know better and should adopt the same approach it takes when referring to “the occupied areas” of Palestine. The so-called “Turkish Cypriot government” was put there by the illegal force of arms following Turkey’s internationally condemned 1974 invasion. It is a basic tenet of international law that the aggressor cannot benefit from their ill gotten gains, and Mr Watt should take note.