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To: Guardian
03 November 2006
‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’ 5

Today’s article ‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’

I am writing in utter disgust of the above mentioned article, on page 20, in today’s paper and would draw your attention to the fact that there is no such place in existence as ‘Greek Cyprus’ nor ‘Turkish Cyprus’.

There is the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus, which is a member of the UN, EU and the Council of Europe and there also exists only in Turkish eyes a ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’, which is not internationally recognised by anyone other than Turkey and is most certainly not a member of the UN, EU or the Council of Europe.

I would expect a paper of your standing to be aware of the facts and am extremely curious as to why the Guardian persists in misrepresenting the true position.

If Turkey wants to join the EU let it join with clean hands by complying with EU and international law and respecting the human rights of all citizens whether they are Greek, Turkish, Kurdish or Armenian. Turkey should remove it’s occupying army from Cyprus and give back the lands that it has stolen. Only once Turkey finally recognises that it has to play by the rules to join the club will it be possible for the other members to accept her as a serious candidate for membership.