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To: Guardian
03 November 2006
‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’ 3

Today’s article ‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’

Nicholas Watt (‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’, Guardian 3 November) incorrectly refers to the occupied territories of Cyprus as ‘Turkish Cyprus’ and the government controlled areas of the island as ‘Greek Cyprus’. He even goes as far as referring to Ankara’s illegal occupation regime as the ‘Turkish Cypriot government’.

And yet the Guardian, with regard to the Israeli/Palestinian issue, as a matter of course, refers to the ‘occupied territories’.

Why such misleading inconsistency and bias by the Guardian against the Greek Cypriots, the victims of invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing by an EU candidate state?

Mr Watt should look up some of the countless UN resolutions on Cyprus such as 541 which ‘deplores’ the illegal division of the island, considers so-called Turkish Cyprus ‘legally invalid’ and ‘calls upon all States not to recognise any Cypriot state other than the Republic of Cyprus.’