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To: Guardian
03 November 2006
‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’ 2

Today’s article ‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’

Either your correspondent Nicholas Watt or you need to consult an atlas. There is no such place as ‘Greek Cyprus’ nor does ‘Turkish Cyprus’ exist. There is the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus, which is a member of the UN, EU and the Council of Europe and there apparently also exists in Turkish eyes a ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’, which is not internationally recognised by anyone other than Turkey and is most certainly not a member of the UN, EU or the Council of Europe.
On the reasonable assumption that you and Mr Watt are already aware of this one must conclude that there is some other reason why the Guardian persists in misrepresenting the true position. I will leave your readers to speculate on what that might be but the impression is that for some reason you wish to promote the positions of Turkey on the Cyprus issue. If that is so then I suggest you have the guts to say so rather than try to promote these views by citing as factual that which plainly is not.
On the other hand you just might need an atlas.