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To: Guardian
03 November 2006
‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’ 1

Today’s article ‘EU calls off Cyprus talks ahead of rights report’

Please refrain from referring to ‘Greek Cyprus’ and ‘Turkish Cyprus’ in your reports – there is only one Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus is the only legitimate and internationally recognised government of the island. The northern part of the island has been illegally occupied by Turkey since it invaded Cyprus in 1974. Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus has been repeatedly condemned by numerous United Nations Resolutions. Turkey’s abysmal human rights record in relation to Cyprus has been recorded in numerous decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

Nowhere in the history of the European Union will you find an application for EU membership by a country that is in illegal occupation of another EU Member State. Notwithstanding the absurdity of this position, Turkey is still a serious contender – this is a sad indictment on the leaders of the EU countries, including our own Prime Minister, who supports this application. If Turkey wants to join the EU let it join with clean hands by complying with EU and international law and respecting the human rights of all citizens whether they are Greek, Turkish, Kurdish or Armenian. Turkey should remove it’s occupying army from Cyprus and give back the lands that it has stolen. Only once Turkey finally recognises that it has to play by the rules to join the club will it be possible for the other members to accept her as a serious candidate for membership.