Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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10 November 2006
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Turkey should stop crying wolf that it is being kept out of the the EU because it is a 'Christian club'. It has not joined the EU for a number of reasons, namely its failure to respect EU law and for continuing violations of human rights. It is preposterous that Turkey's application is even seriously considered while it continues to illegally occupy 37 percent of an EU member state, the Republic of Cyprus, a country Turkey fails to recognise.

If Turkey truly felt European then why has it attempted to eradicate the heritage of the occupied northern area of Cyprus? Hundreds of Greek Orthodox churches, many of them world heritage sites are desecrated and destroyed, often used to keep livestock or used by the Turkish military.

What an outrage that attempts are being made to link Turkey's clear obligations to the EU with developments on the Cyprus issue. And how ironic that it is Turkey preventing Muslims excercising their rights as EU citizens ie the dwindling number of Turkish Cypriots in occupied Cyprus. The entire island was accepted as a member of the EU but EU law cannot be implemented throughout the entire island – due to Turkey's occupation.

Turkey has to realise that it has to change to join the EU. The EU should not change in order to accommodate Turkey.