Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: all UK MPs
10 July 2011
37 years since Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation
Dear Member of Parliament

20 July 2011 marks 37 years since Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of the northern area of Cyprus. As a guarantor power, Britain has failed dismally in ensuring 
the independence of the Republic of Cyprus and the protection of its sovereignty. 
While thousands of Cypriots were forced to flee their homes following the ethnic cleansing of the island in 1974 with just the clothes they were wearing and a handful of possessions, Britain stood back and allowed the tragedy to unfold. 

Moreover, while Cyprus and the British Sovereign Bases have proved essential to British and US foreign policy as a gateway to the Middle East, the people of Cyprus have been used as expedient pawns in a political game where Turkey’s interests are favoured above those of the Cypriot people.

Almost every day we lose fellow members of the Greek Cypriot community who will never fulfil their dream to return to their homes and to enjoy with their children and grandchildren the lands of their forebears. This human tragedy and the loss of our loved ones only reinforces our desire to see justice done and to reclaim our lands and homes.

We urge you to consider the plight of the Greek Cypriots and to remind this government that it owes a duty to all Cypriots to ensure that their island is reunited.

Britain can and should exert pressure on Turkey to remove its occupying forces and to return the lands to their rightful owners. 

As negotiations have commenced in Geneva between UN Secretary General Ban 
Ki-moon, President Christofias and Mr Eroglu to discuss settlement, can you please let me know what your individual policy is on the issue of Cyprus which has remained a 
thorn in the side of the UK government for so long. In particular, please let me know if 
you agree that:

Turkish troops should leave the island
The colonists should return to Turkey
The refugees should be entitled to return to their homes