Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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About Lobby for Cyprus

Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights NGO based in the UK with the aim of reuniting Cyprus.

Lobby was formed in 1992 and since its inception has campaigned against the invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing and destruction of the cultural heritage of 37 per cent of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey.

Being independent and non-aligned has enabled Lobby to maintain its policies and freedom to evaluate developments concerning the Cyprus issue and to campaign accordingly without influence and pressure from external political forces.

It is for these reasons that Lobby has remained focused on its goals and objectives and has been successful in delivering its policies and campaign material clearly and concisely to decision makers.

Lobby was founded by the UK-based Cypriot refugee organisations Ayios Amvrosios UK, Anglo Akanthou, Lapithos & Karavas UK and a number of concerned individuals, who believed that any settlement of the Cyprus issue should not legitimise Turkey’s illegal occupation of the northern part of the island and that all refugees must have the right to return.

Lobby has evolved into the voice of the Greek Cypriot refugees in the UK. It is an umbrella organisation and its membership has grown to include many individuals and UK-based refugee organisations which it represents, such as Famagusta, Rizokarpasso, Leonarisso-Vasili, Yialousa & suburbs, Lefkoniko and Eptakomi amongst many others.

What Lobby stands for
As a cornerstone of Lobby’s campaign policy are the 3Rs:
Removal of all Turkish troops
Repatriation of all colonists
Return of all refugees to their homes and lands without restriction or precondition.

Lobby strongly believes that any settlement that does not guarantee the implementation of these minimum principles will lead to a bizonal confederation ie two distinct self-governing bodies on the island of Cyprus. Lobby for Cyprus will never accept a settlement that will create an apartheid state in Cyprus.

Lobby calls for a free and reunited Cyprus with the return of lands and properties to their legitmate owners rather than imposing land exchanges or compensation on the ethnically cleansed Greek Cypriots.

What we do

Lobby organises political campaigns targetted at the UK government, British Members of Parliament and Members of the European Parliament and other decision makers. We regularly organise seminars and debates on various themes relating to the Cyprus issue.

We are also involved in grass roots campaigns. Lobby organises and participates in vigils and demonstrations, in particular at the House of Commons and at Cypriot community events.


Lobby issues information bulletins to the press and media on a regular basis and our letters have been published in the UK national press.

Our publications

Lobby produces newsletters with in-depth analysis of the Cyprus issue and has written and published the books 'Cyprus – origins of the present crisis' and 'The Case Against the Annan Plan'.

The future

Lobby for Cyprus will continue its struggle with determination for as long as part of Cyprus remains under Turkish occupation.

We will continue to campaign for a solution to the Cyprus issue that guarantees that the Cypriots enjoy the fundamental human rights, legal rights and privileges enjoyed by all European Union citizens.